Bertram McCray Jr.


Who We Are

Rooted in integrity and founded on faith, The Mustard Seed BBQ combines exceptional authenticity with remarkable service and the desire to produce the best quality barbeque in town. We thrive on the ability to provide fresh hand-picked meat daily, which is expertly seasoned and strategically cooked case by case to craft the unique taste our patrons love so much. Officially Founded in 2005 and growing.

Our Mission

To provide an incomparable dining experience that effortlessly exhibits great quality and taste, while maintaining an ideal commitment to customer service and customer satisfaction.

Our Vision

Our vision is to grow our business with the same integrity used to make it a reality. We support this vision by serving and staying true to our values. We want to be the first name that comes to mind when you think of great tasting barbeque and a nice atmosphere.

Our History

If you would have told Founder, Bertram McCray Jr. 10 years ago that he would be selling barbeque for a living, he probably would have chuckled a bit. He didn’t see it coming, but in December of 2005 when it did, he wasted no time seeking after ways to make something out of what could potentially be a great opportunity. Determined to provide for his family, Bert set up a pit with his cousin three times a week near his residence in Miami Florida and sold ribs until they sold out. As he spent more time on the grill, he began to master the art and perfection was in the works. Shortly thereafter, chicken was on the menu. A deep passion for grilling and satisfying the cravings of customers led Bert to Atlanta, where he felt he could gain more exposure, so he set up shop on Metropolitan Parkway. A few months later, Bert purchased a small building in the same lot where he set up every day. By this time, he had created and perfected what we have all come to love… that mustard based barbecue sauce! Now the Mustard Seed BBQ has grown to be a favorite for locals in Miami and Atlanta. The word of mouth references created a large clientele. Bert’s goal is not only to increase customer base, but also to increase customer satisfaction and strive for perfection in an effort to build a quality foundation and continue to satisfy everyone’s barbecue cravings.

With Vision Comes Growth.....

"What I want the customers to walk away with from The Mustard Seed is a sense of euphoria and a taste in their mouth that they know that they could never get anywhere else except for The Mustard Seed." - Bertram McCray Jr.

Our Locations

Day To Day Operations

Our day typically begins at Five AM as we head to the local market to hand select our meat. An inspection process takes place on a daily basis from start to finish. Each case of ribs is carefully inspected to ensure the best quality meats are being selected. Chicken is purchased as a whole and not in parts, which is cut and cleaned by staff every day. None of our meat is stored overnight! We purchase and clean our meat every day for the purpose of cleanliness and freshness and we pride ourselves in being able to succumb to that tradition. A unique blend of seasonings crafted by Bertram McCray is rubbed on the ribs and chicken before it is placed on the grill. The meat is hickory slow cooked the old-fashioned way on an open pit grill, which creates the unique taste. There is an old saying “If you’re looking, you’re not cooking”, but looking and attending to the pit has done nothing but improve the matchless taste and texture of the meat. With that having been said, there is a flipping of the meat inspection, in which the meat is monitored every 5-7 minutes. We never leave our pit unattended. This process ensures the temperature and structure is precise. The cutting board inspection guarantees that the ribs/chicken is cooked properly and suits the pit master’s expectations. The distinctively crafted mustard based sauce Bertram has perfected over the years is then prepared to take the meat to another level. The final inspection is the most important, which is the transfer to the customer’s plate and into their mouths. An exceptionally rewarding process that only gets better with time.